[Fanaccount] Fanaccount at HKAMF: Jung Yunho, the boss of YunJae shippers!

Cảm ơn nàng @babyxu95 đã share bài viết ^^ Vì thời gian này không rảnh lắm nên In cứ tạm post lại bản Eng ^^ có dịp sẽ trans sang tiếng Việt nhé ^^


Part 1

(Written by staff member of YJLove Bar)

To be honest I was still really anxious up until actually going to the event because I couldn’t sell off the bad tickets I had. I skipped class in the afternoon when class inspections were being conducted, arrived in Hong Kong and realized my camera wasn’t charged and couldn’t take photos of oppa TOT My lightboard was out of battery as well so I had to walk around the Exhibition Centre for a good ten minutes or so and ended up having to buy a load of overpriced batteries. I was close to tears after all this happened. Anyway, I realized later that this was the build up of what was to happen next.

I had a lot of fan support goods with me when I got to the Golden Bauhinia Square, the fan base also sent me 3 extra lightboards and some balloons. A lot of girls came over to take photos with me when I took out the lightboards and we also took some group shots (omitted). It’s a shame that the fan boy came late so we didn’t get to take any pictures together. Truly felt like 3 signs weren’t enough TOT Lots of people asked to have one but the 2 girls with me were closer to the front like myself so I couldn’t lend them to the other people ╮(╯_╰)╭

Plenty of other things happened before we entered the venue, we got there a few minutes before the show started and this was when luck started kicking in! We were in the blue section, towards the left, with a relatively clear view of the stage. After a while four people who were closer to the centre left and so we quietly sneaked over and managed to get even closer to the stage. The seating at AMF is extremely close to the stage TOT Even though I was at least 10 rows back, it felt the same as when I was in the first row in one of the Beijing concerts.

The MC introduced the singers and rambled on for a bit, I only knew Leo Ku and Michael Wong so I didn’t pay much attention. When they mentioned a Hong Kong artist called Ken Hung, a bunch of his fans ran to the very front of the blue area, which was basically the same as the last row of VIP, you could get a very good view of the stage from there, after they were done, the fans retreated to their own seats.

After all the singers had been introduced and there was only TVXQ left, I thought of what Ken Hung’s fans did and decided to do the same with the girls next to me, sprinting to the same spot. Turns out I wasn’t the only person who came up with that idea and a whole load of people followed. I ran a little faster than the rest so I managed to snag a spot in the middle and held up the YunJae signs with the girls. Luck was on our side!

Honestly I was so close, Yunho and Changmin could see me the moment they looked up. They were right in the middle of the stage and Yunho smiled as soon as he saw my sign TOT Really! I swear on my family’s life! Then he nudged Changmin a little with his shoulder and nodded his head in my direction. Changmin looked over too and the two of them began muttering at each other. Yunho smiled again and looked right into my eyes omggg It’s the truth ok, I saw it myself and that was the expression shown on the screen at the front too! Lightboards are literally like sacred objects! Jung Yunho, the people who say you hate shippers are kidding themselves! There is no way I would ever believe that the look you gave me was one of resentment or hatred! You were so drawn towards that lightboard too! 

Even after returning to my own seat, I couldn’t believe what had happened in the few minutes that had gone by, being so close to Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin and having Yunho stare at my sign for that long. The two of us kept our signs up and he was looking the entire time. I was shaking when our gazes met, it was so scary, an experience that brings tears to my eyes every time I think back.


Part 2

After TVXQ had been introduced, all the singers left the stage and the first performer up was Leo Ku, he sang 2 songs and the sound system broken after he was finished! Then we got lucky again ¬_¬ Since they had to fix the amplifiers, the cameramen panned over the fans’ signs, they went through all of the singers’ fans once. I have to say, the majority of the audience was Cassiopeia, so when the screen showed the signs of other singers, the screams weren’t that loud, but when they got to ours, the first that they zoomed in on was mine!!! Three sparkly YunJae lightboards filled up the screen at the front! I had to be on camera in my school uniform for god’s sake! Everyone in the venue screamed! Perhaps it was because the screams were so loud… the cameraman kept moving left and right with the focus still on me and then stopped to zoom in even more! I almost felt too embarrassed — After that they went through a few more fan bases’ signs and banners and returned to us again, three YunJae signs filled up the screen once more! The camera was on our signs and everyone started screaming again. Maybe they were playing commercials on J2 (the TV station that was broadcasting the show) at the time.

When we were leaving, quite a few fans came up to me and asked if my sign was the one that was shown on the screen and asked to take photos. They told me that every time the camera panned over our signs, the people sitting further back would go insane. I was at the front and I could hear how loud it was, never imagined it would be that dramatic. — I got too excited so I forgot to ask my friend to take a picture of it but I went on Weibo and saw some fans posted screencaps. Those screams were truly shocking, even the two staff from EEG (entertainment company based in Hong Kong) behind me commented ‘Those 2 characters don’t stand for ‘Dong Bang’ and don’t mean ‘Shin Ki’ either, why are the fans so exited/high?’


Skipping over the other performers and on to oppas. Wong Cho Lam (MC) tricked us in between ¬_¬ He mentioned a Korean group that hadn’t come out yet and so we all rushed to the front. Once again I was in the centre in the first row but then he said it was a female group. What are female groups? I do not know TOT I only know males okay! So then we watched BEG’s performance and went back to our own places. Holding up red lightsticks for BEG was a bizarre experience, it almost felt like the red ocean was for BEG ¬_¬

The last contestant (the show was held in the form of a contest but there were also guests and TVXQ was one of them) was Anthony Neely. When he got on stage to sing, we pretty much guessed that the boys would be next so the girls and I bent down and slipped to the front. I could tell our spot wasn’t quite the best so I dragged them with me to the first row but we were still a second late and there was already a row of people gathered in front TOT

But of course, we had an endless amount of good luck ╮(╯_╰)╭ The next to sing was JIng Chang, no particular feelings towards her so I just watched calmly. When her performance was over, it was finally TVXQ’s turn. The cameraman was very cooperative, even after I had moved, he managed to find me and my sign again, sweeping left and right while zoomed in on it. Wong Cho Lam (MC) messed around with us some more, asking if we knew who was up next, everyone chanted Dong Bang Shin Ki in Cantonese and then he went ‘What? Dong Fong But Bai?’ (Cantonese pronunciation of Dong Bang Bul Pae, the name DBSK were meant to have originally) We then said ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’ in Cantonese again and Zhu Dan (the other MC) said ‘I don’t understand Cantonese’ so we repeated Dong Bang Shin Ki in Mandarin. Chanting wasn’t the only thing going on, the whole time this was taking place, other things were happening. We were blocked to the area directly behind VIP but because the show was nearly over a lot of the people in the back rows of VIP had left, so we were stealthily shifting the seats forward bit by bit and originally I’d thought this was frightening enough…

When TVXQ actually were on stage, they just climbed right over and stood on the seats! I was stuck in the second row, I wanted to cry! It was then that luck once again stepped in, I saw a gap and so I leaped over as well and that got me into the VIP area — The fans who were in front of me saw my lightboard so they gave me a hand and made way so I could stand on the seats closer to the front. I ended up on the 6th row of VIP. On the opposite side of the venue, the same thing happened to my friend who also had YunJae lightboard orz

The fan support for Before U Go really wasn’t that great because everyone expected them to perform Maximum and probably didn’t learn the right chants for BUG. We kept screaming and screaming and screaming… I guess the boys were a little disappointed. But… ah my god Jung Yunho why are you still staring at my lightboard? My goodness stop looking at me it’s embarrassing T____T Did you think I was going to cry? Well I actually did end up crying… Deep down I was thinking about how Jung Yunho’s gaze never left my YunJae sign throughout the night!


Part 3

Fan support for Keep Your Head Down was wonderful, basically all of it was absolutely amazing. Honestly! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ How to say this… oppa was staring at me even while he was singing, at that moment I felt I could pretty much die without regrets TOT

2 songs later, the boys hurriedly made their way towards backstage but were stopped and had to talk a little even though they weren’t prepared. Cho Lam (MC) said ‘The fans in Hong Kong haven’t seen TVXQ in three years’ Below the fans let out some whines and then he added ‘Well actually it’s been six’… more whining… But Cho Lam knew what he was doing so he said ‘Okay I won’t say anymore, we’ll see what they have to say to you guys’ Yunho hesitated for a bit and then came the same line he’s been using for the last century ‘We are really happy, are you happy?’ Dear, I clearly remember you saying ‘Are you happy? We are really happy’ three years ago in Beijing. Did you think we would believe your Chinese has improved just because you swap around the order of your sentences? Don’t be naive! Zhu Dan commented ‘Ah, that was in Chinese’ and then Cho Lam asked them to say a few more words. Changmin seemed stunned for a moment and pointed at himself but remained silent. Jung Yunho opened his mouth and said something that I didn’t understand ╮(╯_╰)╭ And so Changmin left without saying a word.

While they were talking, there were some Changmin fans holding up huge towels at the front and Changmin kept his eyes on them. Changmin is so handsome TOT Have to say that he didn’t seem to be in a very good mood today, he seemed quite down but nevertheless he had his usual Prince’s aura. It was hard to watch. He was looking in the same direction the entire time and when he turned to look at the screen, he seemed distracted. Jung Yunho didn’t look at me at all so I was a bit sad. I was on the left but he kept waving at people on the right and just kept looking in that general direction… I then met up with one of the other girls who had a sign and was on that side of the venue and based on what she said he was probably looking at her…

After the MC section, all of us who were squashed in the VIP area left. I was going to leave but a fan from Hong Kong stopped me and let me move to the front of the VIP area with her. And it was then that I was finally at the very front for real, barely 10 metres away from the stage. They gave out the awards to the contestants. Ali won and TVXQ came to hand her her award. Jung Yunho is such a gentleman!

As Ali was preparing to sing, the singers formed a line and the boys stood on the very right. I was in the centre at the front but towards the left. I held up my sign anyway and Yunho didn’t see at first. I was too close to the front so he kind of had to lower his head a little to see me. Eventually I managed to catch his eye and he nodded at me ¬_¬ God! What are you nodding at!? Do you realize you’re driving me crazy!? The way you’re acting, you’ll make me think you’re the boss of YunJae shippers! As if a nod wasn’t enough, he held up his hand and did a thumbs up in my direction. Are you trying to kill me! If you think Yunho was doing the thumbs up at a certain group of fans then i won’t argue with you, I’m just telling you what I think happened ╮(╯_╰)╭ Anyway, Jung Yunho’s eyes met mine again and I died of shyness.


Part 4

Minnie continued to look towards the left with a distracted expression and ruffled his hair a bit every now and then. It was so sad to watch I wanted to die so then I held up my YunJae sign and loudly shouted ‘Changmin ah! Changmin ah!’ Yes I know… I didn’t have anything else in my hands to hold up. The girls on my side all started chanting his name with me and since we were so close, he probably heard us because he finally seemed to snap out of his daze and glanced over and then grinned at us. When Ali was singing, she blocked Yunho from our line of vision so I couldn’t see him I shuffled over to the right and finally managed to see him. I lost control for a second and yelled ‘Yunho yah!’ with my sign held up. It was really quiet then because only Ali was singing, I felt bad. He was singing along with Ali throughout, bobbing his head to the beat while singing, it was so adorable! After than he smiled and looked at me and then nudged Changmin again. Actually it was an amazing feeling when I saw that he noticed my sign, he smiled and nodded at me when he looked over. It was like a boss monitoring his workers’ performance. He really is the boss of Yunjae shippers ==

When they were toasting later on, Cho Lam was standing right next to the boys. Really Cho Lam, don’t you feel pressured? Such a huge difference between your height and theirs, doesn’t it make you want to cry? Yunho was really lively today, he waved and nodded and did the thumbs up at fans in every direction, we were all losing it. AMF ended just like that and I’m still in a daze from the whole ‘Jung Yunho looked at my sign Jung Yunho looked at my sign and his eyes met mine’ experience as well as the ‘Changmin is so handsome and he makes my heart hurt’ feeling. 

Basically I feel like I’ve been stuck on cloud 9 the entire day. Jung Yunho’s smile is so breathtaking to look at and he looks so cute pouting. His eyes are too gentle TOT Makes me feel like I’m going to die in his hands… Yunho really does pay special attention to YJLove Bar’s signs, they are sacred! Whether it be me or the other girl, we felt extremely fulfilled today because the attention Yunho gave us was way beyond what we’d expected. Originally I thought it’d be nice if he could spare us a glance but I didn’t think we would get so lucky and find such a good spot. 

Seriously I’ve never been this close to Yunho before, I’m not a very aggressive fan, just your normal student fan TOT All the interaction throughout the show… the tears come then they go back in then they threaten to spill again and I hold them in.

When they were leaving, I waited for them at the car park with the sign in my hand, attracting a lot of onlookers and people taking photos. The curtains in the boys’ car were drawn so I didn’t manage to see them, it was a real shame TOT But I felt complete. My god don’t ever tell me Jung Yunho hates shippers or Kim Jaejoong hates shippers ever again. Yunho is my boss and he’s pointed me in the right direction, ok?

Don’t bang on about how YunJae shippers are delusional or whatever, this really is what happened. He was looking at my YunJae lightboard… would you rather I told you that he was staring at the girl next to me with the Ken Hung sign? He nodded at me… would you rather I told you he was nodding at Ali? And yes, he smiled at me, I can’t lie and say he was smiling at Wong Cho Lam can I? ╮(╯_╰)╭ Don’t comment and hate on me if you’re not a YunJae shipper, I can’t put up with you right now. I’ve been transformed into a kindhearted, gentle teenage girl by my boss Jung.

Do not repost or translate without permission.
Source: YJ Love Bar
English Translation: _dorfy@Twitter
Share by: InsaJJ 


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